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Executive Editor
Donald Kerwin

Associate Editors
John Hoeffner
Michele Pistone

Editorial Assistant
Wenyue (Aimee) Chen 

Concept Note 

The Journal on Migration and Human Security (JMHS) is a peer-reviewed public policy publication of the Center for Migration Studies (CMS). The journal’s theme of “human security” is meant to evoke the widely shared goals of creating secure and sustaining conditions in migrant sending communities; promoting safe, legal migration options; and developing immigration and integration policies that benefit sending and receiving communities and allow newcomers to lead productive, secure lives. This thematic focus encompasses the broad scope of the social, political, and economic dimensions of “human security.”

CMS is an educational institute devoted to the study of international migration, to the promotion of understanding between immigrants and receiving communities, and to public policies that safeguard the dignity and rights of migrants and newcomers. In keeping with its mission, CMS values the knowledge, expertise and perspectives of scholars, public officials (present and past), faith communities, community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, corporate leaders and others. It recognizes that important migration-related issues, scholarship and analysis do not receive sufficient attention in public policy circles. This is particularly the case for cross-cutting scholarship, comparative analysis, issues that have not been extensively documented or studied, and perspectives that are not typically captured in academic or trade publications. In addition, scholarly papers, public and private reports, and other sources of information and ideas do not always take a form that is accessible or even available to public officials or to others who influence public policy. Nor are such papers typically published on a timeline that maximizes their influence.

JMHS seeks to publish rigorous and well-argued papers that can significantly inform and contribute to the US and international policy debates on migration.  It particularly welcomes papers that:

  • Address timely migration-related “human security” issues, broadly defined;
  • Cover issues and research that receive insufficient attention in immigration policy circles;
  • Provide new information, ideas, non-traditional perspectives, comparative scholarship, or multi-disciplinary analysis; and
  • Articulate areas of agreement and disagreement on particular issues, as well as gaps in knowledge.

Papers are published online on a monthly basis. In addition, CMS compiles a hard-copy volume of JMHS articles at the end of each year.

Open Access

JMHS provides free availability of articles online without delay. 


JMHS is indexed within a globally distributed system of research databases and university library databases and can be found in most major indexes as an open access journal. These databases/indexes include but are not limited to the following: ProQuest Social Science; ProQuest Political Science; ProQuest Military Collection; ProQuest Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (WPSA); ProQuest Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS); ProQuest International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS); Gale/Cengage indexes including AcademicOne File; Columbia University International Affairs Online (CIAO); the Open Archives Initiative (OAI); the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ); EBSCO Publishing indexes/products; HeinOnline; and WorldCat.


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